show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 13: Triskaidekaphilia

30 Sep 2014

Round 13 was the very last day of September, and everyone was there, except for Mutt Badley. Emacs provided the order of awesomeness:

Speaker 1 - Andrew T. Baker

Andrew went all node.js on his funemployment, and combined SoundCloud, Instagram Hyperlapse, and some map thing all up by the API-strings into Hypermasher. Whoa. Tycho-tastic. (Andrew promises code Real Soon Now!)

Speakers 2 - Rachel Shorey, Regina Lam, Anupama Pillalamarri

It started at the Tech Lady Hackathon, drew an army of woman coders, many from Hear Me Code, and Code for Progress coordinated with the state of Maryland, to bring the world: Buscando Maryland. It’s about helping children seeking refuge from violence in Central America, and the code is all up on github!

Buscando presentation
Photo courtesy of MC.

Speaker 3 - Levent Gurses

Levent brought ten tips for winning a hackathon - and heck, it seems like they were good enough for him at the last hackathon he was at - congrats, Levent! Gosh, I can just list the (headlines for the) ten tips right here:

  1. Your Team: Skilled and Balanced
  2. Know Thyself
  3. Develop a Game Plan
  4. Understand the Evaluation Criteria
  5. Bring Your Best Weapons
  6. Don’t Jump on the First Idea
  7. Know Your Judges
  8. Your App
  9. Understand What It Means to Win
  10. Final Presentation

Speaker 4 - Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie presented on some technical issues in building Landmark Directions. (It’s currently in a closed beta that you can sign up for!) Stephanie also invites thoughts or questions via email, and advises you to follow @golandmark for updates as the app progresses!

Landmark presentation
Photo courtesy of MC.

Speaker 5 - Eric Mill

SHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! SHA1 is broken - is your cousin still using it to keep SSL… S? Thanks to Eric’s intensive research and work in making this site, now you can find out easily. So get your SHA2 on!

That was Round 13! Thanks to everyone who presented, everyone who attended, and our favorite WeWork in the whole world!

Round 14 is already scheduled for Monday November 3, so go sign up - and get your hacks ready for telling!

And bring your dog, maybe!

cool dog
Photo courtesy of Jessica.