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Round 30: Didacts and Narpets

08 Mar 2016

Editor’s note: The hackpad notes have been lost to the sands of time. Collected here are the participant’s response when they signed up.

Erika Ettin

Something about online dating and controlled experiments. ;)

Jan Domanski

Bare-bones web server for drawing molecular structures

Travis Hoppe

7 habits of highly emotive people (twitter analysis of emoji!)

Anna Petrone

I wanted to make a choropleth map visualization using Leaflet, like

and my data is stored on Dropbox. So I created a Postgres database with the PostGIS extension using Amazon web services RDS and use the python dropbox sdk + psycopg2 library (postgres integration) to load it up with the data from my Dropbox. Then I created an AWS ubuntu instance to host a website. The webpage runs some php code to query the database, and apply any filters specified by the users. Then it uses Leaflet to draw the choropleth polygon boundaries (which are returned from the database as geojson) and uses the data to color each polygon appropriately.

Dmitri Adler

An analysis of a Twitter network combining network measures with topics of interest.


Took advantage of lack of digital security at a scientific conference to add comedy to the twitter feed of the front page of the conference. Attempted to get as many followers as possible and get them in on the comedy as well.

Jim Webb

Hearing loss simulator