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Round 39: Rebellious Disco

13 Dec 2016

Jess Garson - @JessicaGarson

What’s my Function #3

A zine about building a personal website and the launch of my new website

Jess’s 2014 New Years Resolution was to create a portfolio site – and now she has one! Check it out at

Jess’s zine, What’s My Function, is in its third edition, this time on how to build your own personal portfolio site!

Jess’s zine is available on her GitHub at at

The hardest part: figuring out how to make the difference between book pages and online pages

Font is much bigger / clearer to read

One thing that didn’t go as planned: the printer resolution and picture resolution wasn’t as crisp as she would have liked.

Portfolio site built on Jekyll and the write-up on how to do it is in the zine!

Big font makes it look very mobile friendly.

Goal for the zine is around four pages.

The first zine she did was to cut and paste and arrange the text on the paper to create the zine; this time she used InDesign to create it.

Mostly distributed at events like Hack and Tell and Tech Lady Hackathon events, but they’ve been distributed at zine festivals too.

Hailey Rogers

A wearables hack. It is a pair of rave glasses that are adorned with neopixel rings that light up in response to sound. They look AWESOME.

Made out of two soda cans and sunglasses, AdaFruit Flora board, sound sensor, neopixel rings, Li-Ion battery

Lights are wired in series, not parallel, so they do the same thing. Code from AdaFruit NeoPixel Pendant.

You can buy what you need to make this from AdaFruit; it would cost less than $50 to put it all together!

Demo videos:


Paula Bannerman - @DCArtist

iPad artist - STEM/STEAM art advocate

Coding since 1991 in QBASIC and Turbo Pascal.

Art piece: Revolution, met Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters; met a straightedge punk

Created this piece on the iPad while on the Red Line, a digital drawing printed on canvas with archival ink

Painting, photography, graphite, scratchpaper, graphic design, video design

Created in Sketchbook Ink (but she doesn’t like it very much). Instead, you should use Paper 53, Evernote, Corel Draw, Sketchbook Pro. Audience member shout-out for ProCreate on iPad Pro + Apple Pencil. But Apple things are $$…

Incorporating art into STEM –> STEAM; art is a major factor in STEM

Art is for sale!

Nick Doiron - @mapmeld - the web platform of the future

Earlier this year I dug up ancient documentation to create a Fortran web server. I adapted the example to have more of an MVC structure. This shows what it looks like and how you can get started on the hottest new language.

Modern MVC framework written in Fortran

Fortran + FastCGI + nginx: maybe the fastest combination for certain web applications?

You can write a web server in any language: just need to be able to run a script and return the result to the browser Some Fortran elders have tried this before! But he noticed that the Fortran code was incorporated with the HTML in a kind of messy way (Php style). His contribution was to make it more elegant

People have been writing more functions for Fortran (incidentally their repo has about a 100% pull request acceptance rate). So if you went back in time, you’d still have a bit to learn

“We will perish with our last Fortran server”

Eddie Peters - @eddie_pete

My coworkers and I pranked another coworker by raising and lowering his desk automatically based on his Hipchat karma score. To achieve this, we used a Raspberry Pi, a multimeter, very little knowledge of electronics, two giant relays, a Hipchat bot client, a sprinkle of Python, and a dream.

A coworker went on vacation, so we pranked his office!

We controlled his standing desk remotely, to adjust the height of his desk based on his HipChat Karma

A regular phone cord connects the motor to the buttons that control the desk going up/down

Instead of using AWS cloud services connected to rPi, just used rPi.

Used Will, a HipChat bot -


Robot store -

Probably took about 30 hours to learn everything and do it (building the plane as you fly it)

Ksenia Coulter - @kscoult

A web app developed at Comedy Hack Day DC to determine the degree of your manspread.

Upload a URL to the picture of the manspread

Click the left knee, click the crotch, and click the right knee; the app will calculate

Click events have a lot of info, including the X,Y coordinates

Using trigonometry to find the length of the sides of the triangle; apply the law of cosines to find the angle.

TIL: Y Axis is flipped on the web (top of the image is 0,0)

Travis Hoppe - @metasemantic

Design and disseminate posters of famous books with the first line.

Travis saw a design where someone made a graphic of a book poster with the first line of the book with the book title and a small graphic. He liked it so much that he wanted to make those for himself.

They ended up being pretty easy to make, and he made them in GIMP so they would be open source and remixable! You should make your own!