show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 40: Nonconductive Dynamo

12 Jan 2017

Jessica Garson - @JessicaGarson

Set by DJ Messica Arson using Sonic Pi

Audience spent 5 minutes mesmerized by Jess’ live-coding DJ set. Code was done in Ruby using Sonic Pi. She ran it on her laptop, but it can also be run on a Raspberry Pi.

Aaron Schumacher - @planarrowspace


Dave Schools - @DaveSchoools

I will present how I ran spontaneous poetry booths (with an old Smith Corona typewriter) at festivals and how Chick fil A hired me to write poetry for its events. My poetry has unique form, rhymes, and can be written quickly.

Dave ran a 5 minute training session on how to make money and get free things by writing poetry. He’s received granola bars, rope, and even a coffee maker by writing poetry in emails to various companies. He took it to another level with his spontaneous poetry booth, where he met with customers for a few minutes and wrote a personalized poem for each one.

Jennifer Stark - @_JAStark

Sexist twitter feedback following tweets about my Women Data Scientists talk about gender bias and the presidential candidates. Is that irony?

Will Carroll - @developfor


The ??.to application is a simple ?? for connecting and adding snapchat users. It’s major functionality is that you can use emojis links, add the ?? to profiles, blogs and chats to make it :emoji_1f60e: !

Drew Mitchell - @drew870mitchell

I would like to evangelize using https:// on your personal websites

Drew used “certbot” tool to easily convert his new personal website to a https url. He made it seem very easy, so you can do it to your website too!

Daniel Mietchen - @EvoMRI

WikiCite: Citations for the sum of human knowledge

Travis Hoppe - @metasemantic

Gender and distributed word vectors – or what happens to bias when you de-gender pronouns in word2vec