show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 43: Synergy of Disruption (with Code for DC!)

13 Apr 2017

A collaboration with Code for DC!

Thank you to WeWork for hosting us as always.

Thanks to GitKraken for sponsoring foods! nom nom nom

Jessica Garson @jessicagarson

Intro project – open-sourced projected for beginners, open for pull requests Ghost in the Shell the text based game. Way cooler than the movie. Fan fiction text based game.

Ben Schoenfeld - @oilytheotter

I scraped court case metadata from Virginia’s circuit and district courts and make it available in bulk at Wrote a python script and hosted it on a Heroku that helps scrape data that is laborious to gather by hand.

Recently, I started writing about my work and making visualizations with the data.

Made a viz of miles driver per ticket issued

Megan Jacobs - @TheMeganJacobs

How to do rounded corners in (which is in and of itself kind of a Photoshop hack…oooh, so meta!)

Thom Morgan - @Noodle_of_death

Simple iOS video game hack

Hack through the iOS on a jailbroken machine – get to a real shell and change the internal variables. Search for internal variables in memory, look for the hex key by looking at data dumps, Give himself 42 billion points in Yu Gi Oh cards.

Developers of the app don’t really care.

Sean Gomez

Demoed a locally hosted app that shows the overlap between the other meetup members (when shares information).

Macwright - @tmcw

An instrument you play by drawing on a piece of paper. Old project: Windchime, reroutes keystrokes into a synthesizer. New project: iPhone app that scans a piece of paper to read it like a piano roll. Takes the raw image and turns it into sound.

Travis Hoppe - @metasemantic

Analysis of alt-right twitter accounts started during a Data4Democracy hackathon!

Aaron Schumacher - @planarrowspace

map reduce word count with tensorflow

Demo of word counting, used a complicated tool (tf distributed computed)

Jay Kay - @POTUS_Zscore

The Trump presidency is not normal. Statistically. What is that statistical pattern of a burn? Took net approval ratings of each president and sampled from a normal distribution. Trump is 4.9 std away from the mean, we can expect another president like him in the next few million.


Aaron adds a couple related links: