show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 44: Chatterbox Cafe

09 May 2017

Keren Tseytlin - @ktseytlin

Serverless Data Parsing

Creates an AWS Lambda function for you quickly and easily to do your data parsing, even if you don’t know how to set up the AWS Lambda.

Toughest part is having to figure out how to package all of the dependencies together since with Lambda functions you have to include everything.

Python package that runs functions like grok and logstash, then has a runs an

Uses Apache NiFi – created in-house at the NSA and open-sourced. An ETL (extract, transform, load) program.

Limitation on number of concurrent AWS Lambda functions running at any time or how much memory is allocated, so you have to be careful with how much data you’re processing at any time.

Chris Nguyen - @uncompiled

Make Voldemort Great Again – machine learning API inside a docker container, so you don’t need to know machine learning

It only knows what you teach it, so Chris taught it what voldemort looks like.

You can then upload an image, it will find the image of Donald Trump, and photoshop Voldemort’s face on top of Trump’s face

Live demo worked with the family photo!

David Reed - @xDavidReed!forum/annotated-work-instructions

Platform for open source collaboration on projects that are not code.

GitHub is super confusing for non-coder contributors, so is there a better, alternative platform?

An idea:

Google groups as front end for communications; cloud storage like Google Drive for documents, spreadsheets, project management

Problem: version/revision control is not as sophisticated as git, though Google Drive has track changes

How do you incentivize participation and open-source collaboration?

Maybe: use a Wiki?

Aaron Strauss - @aaron_strauss

Ask Alexa when the next #Resist Event is so that you can help stop Trump and the Republican

Scrape a database ( - CAP and Town Hall Project; wrote an Alexa skill that will tell you a series of events near you

Stores information in a Firebase database


Image Analysis Platform

Used machine learning to analyze photos of his friends at work, and showed some funny results

Uses AWS Rekognition and Google Cloud Vision API and clarifi

Alec Dhuse

Python and the LED bulb API

Lifx light bulb, works via Android / iOS App – turn on/off, change colors, cycle

It’s a WiFi-connected light bulb!

Cool: You can simulate a sunrise and set it up over a cronjob to wake you up!

One bulb is like $50!

Jared Nielsen - @jarednielsen

A Laser-Cut Plywood Book About Trees and Lasers

Created via Inkscape with vector graphics and hand-drawn graphics

Chris Given - @cmgiven

An app to rate your justgrimes experience

Rate your justgrimes experience at – it even has an API with no rate limit, so go bananas!

Jessica Garson - @JessicaGarson

DJ Messica Arson

Live coded beats recorded. Coded beats using Sonic Pi, written in Ruby. Jess has an album released now, and it’s all open source! You can play it on a Raspberry Pi or your laptop too!

DJ Messica Arson did some live DJing / ruby code review with Code for DC

Travis Hoppe - @metasemantic

Stupid TensorFlow Tricks: The Thomson Problem

TensorFlow is open source library for deep learning

The Thomson problem is a difficult challenge where you uniformly distribute many points across a sphere – easy at small N, very challenging at large N.

Eric Hagenel - @EricHaengel

I made a wearable sensor that can track your movements while you wear it. I’ll demo the device and talk about the process I went through to make it.