show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 46: Deceptive Remix

18 Jul 2017

Aaron Schumacher - @planarrowspace

I tried solving SAT analogy questions with a bunch of different word vectors! It kind of worked! So many dimensions!

Jess Garson - @JessicaGarson

Project finder chatbot using botpress and node.js. Responds with previous Hack && Tell projects? Simple YAML responses with node.js functions, easy to use!

Merav Yuravlivker - @merav_yurav

Manually coded gender in the Trump dataset. Diving into the gender balance in the Trump White House - who’s got the president’s ear?

Travis Hoppe

A geographical, statistical, and orthographic study of fucks on twitter.

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Ed O’Brien - @edeo

A LED strip that shows where trains are using a Raspberry Pi, the WMATA train position api and an addressable LED strip from adafruit.

b klemens @b__k

In high school, a friend loaned me all her R.E.M. tapes. They were lovingly dubbed, with her rendition of the cover art and everything. I dubbed those, so my copy of a copy was a little warbly (and lacked cover art). My walkperson had a ‘record’ button, which I would accidentally hit all the time while biking through Rock Creek park, so there are certain song that I only knew with holes in them. “This one goe t to the one I ve”. I’d eventually get a copy of these albums in straight-to-MP3 format—no warble, no sudden gaps—and they felt wrong to me.

Wearin monitors your system for open MP3s and inserts glitches by flipping random bytes in the file. As you play the files more, they wear in more and become yours.

Rodrigo Pereira

A less than 2 minute long game to tie in with a song by my punk band.

Dan Cardy

How do you play connect 4 against a seven-year-old? By creating a program to do it for you! Settings can be adjusted to play against a thirty-year-old as well. Variations on the game are supported.