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Round 48: Fruitful Federation

14 Sep 2017

Shannon Turner

Metro Map Maker

Code at:

Build the Metro system of your dreams: create your own metro maps, save them, and share with friends!

Easy to remix maps and share them with your friends!

Saves automatically

“Download as Image” creates an image on an HTML5 canvas that you can right click to Save As

“Save & Share Map” creates a shareable short URL that you can send to a friend and have them remix your map. Don’t worry - their changes won’t overwrite your map!

Rebecca Meseroll

Seeking the Oxford comma (in forbidden places)

The Oxford (or serial) comma is used to disambiguate

The Associated Press, strangely enough, doesn’t use the Oxford comma. But has the @AP ever tweeted using the Oxford comma

Scraped 144,000 @AP tweets, screened for potential uses of the Oxford comma, then manually screened the remainder to see which ones were actually used

Even the AP can’t resist the temptation of the Oxford comma! About 20% of the tweets where an Oxford comma could be, were there

Grant Harper

Created a demo designed to demonstrate how security vulnerabilities work

Is this site vulnerable to cross-site scripting? Yes! On purpose!

Is this site vulnerable to SQL injection? Yes, and we can use that to steal Katie Fake’s $900 million account

Available as a secure and insecure version of this app, so you can see the mitigations of these types of attacks

OWASP is a good resource for how to protect yourself

Aaron Schumacher

Imagenet Whining

Imagenet is a dataset with lots of images, and one label for what’s in the image

In 2011, the classification error rate was 25%. That has steadily improved since.

King : Queen is Man : Woman

Can we use a similar idea with Word 2 Vector to determine an analogous image?

Flute : Oboe is Cat : Lion

Lemon : Orange is Lizard : Frog

Sometimes it tries to extrapolate to determine what it thinks

Built in TensorFlow

Full writeup here:

Nathan Epstein

Conway’s Game of Life - a popular cellular automation game with rules that determine how new cells are born or die:

The game Go is kinda similar, but has different rules in that you’re adding a new cell every turn, and there are two types of cells.

So Nathan created a game of Go with rules that are similar to Conway’s game of life:

The victory condition for now is just one color left.

There are two windows: a game board where you place the pieces, and a preview pane where you can see the result of your placement

Other page

Travis Hoppe

Bitcoin is a public ledger that uses cryptography magic to

Ethereum is Bitcoin but you can write actual code to the blockchain

VEX is the world’s most inefficient, most expensive calculator.

Travis sends his real money to execute a contract, and the result of the computation is forever stored in the blockchain

The language Solidarity is made specifically for Etherium, which compiles to a very small bytecode, which runs and executes the contract

Code lives here: