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Round 49: Well-regarded Prosecutor

10 Oct 2017

Aaron Schumacher

Science Fairs don’t feel like they have a lot of science, right? Objectivity, Value Judgement & Theory Choice by Thomas S. Kuhn (1973)

Can we do an experiment to test how fast water cools when it’s heated on the stove vs. in the microwave? Yes, they cool at exactly the same rate (duh).

Question is: does flower food have what plants crave? We can do an experiment to find out!

Aaron took lots of pictures day by day and put them on instagram, and looked at them to see which one did better.

Matthew & Rahul

Azure Government Hackfest

What’s possible in Azure?

Web Job that gets data from Twitter, runs it through Azure.

Uses Node.js, gets tweets from API searching on hashtag. Gets all photos, creates base64 representation of that image, uses Vision API, added to CosmoDB.

How good is the confidence measure based on these categories? We can then publish it to the web in an interactive report.

You can even get full details about every landmark in the face, like where the pupils are. It can even be trained to recognize specific individuals.


(Annoyed by how many exclamation marks Trump tweets? So was Emanuel):

Twitter is a cesspool, and while abuse reporting is easier than it used to be, the moderation is pretty terrible. Overt violations of terms of service often deemed okay, the timeline of response is usually bad. Chrome Extension that tracks your abuse reports:

Checks twitter to see: is this user still there? Have they been suspended? Did they force the user to just delete the offending tweet?

Shannon Turner

Metro Map Maker follow-up

Code at:

Last month Shannon presented her Metro Map Maker – and many people have since used it to create great metro maps in their cities!

Build a bigger grid to contain the dreams of very ambitious users? Potentially the next feature

How can we determine who made these amazing maps?

Feature requests to impose actual geography onto the map. Connect between different maps.

Nathan Epstein

Go is played on odd-sized boards

Trying to debug the plotter for a space-filling curve

Python image library used to animate between all of the different pngs using blender. Key frames and code that interpolates between the key frames. Relying on blender simply to stitch the images into a video.