show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 52: Duck Duck Couscous

16 Jan 2018

Thanks to Data Society for sponsoring and WeWork for hosting!

Mike McGurrin - The Yorick Project @hobby_robotics

Mike connected an Echo Dot to a 3D skull. He used Alexa Pi software running on a Raspberry Pi and made his made a custom Alexa client and servo controls. Link, youtube.

Shannon Turner - BudgieCam - Part Two! @svthmc

Shannon showcased her improvements to BudgieCam, a trick to make everyone look at her bird! Lots of moving parts. Twilio -> Django -> photo -> Apache -> Rasp Pi -> text message. github

Aaron Schumacher - Reverse Penpal Club @planarrowspace

Arron experimented with the unsubscribe button IRL. It kinda works.

Ali Spittel - Portfolio Site @ASpittel

Ali showcased her explorations in intersection of art and code. Super colorful! Link

Grant Harper - The Audio Chef @grant_emersn

Grant made an Alexa app that showed him how to make a drink. And he did. Live. Link

Kate Rabinowitz - Biodiversity Bot and Library of Congress Map Bot @datakater

Kate made two bots that post from digital archives: @BioDivLibraryarchives A daily photo from the the bio archives and @LoCMapBot Maps from @librarycongress digital collections.

Jim Webb - Descriptive Temperature @jimwebb

Jim measured using the statistical power of millions of tweets, what “hot/cold as balls” really was. FYI: Balls are apparently 4°F

Travis Hoppe - Spectrum @metasemantic

Travis wrote a deep learning model to measure gender expression – and applied it to drag queens. Youtube playlist and github. Youtube playlist and github.