show and tell for hackers in DC.

Round 53: Platonic ideal gas law

15 Feb 2018

Jared Nielsen @jarednielsen

Jared built an app that takes a github user contribution graph and turns it into a live song! Demo

Jessica Bell @sirjessthebrave

DC Tech Stories is a podcast about technical workers in the DVM. Jess wanted to show the side of the DC tech scene that people don’t usually see: the weird, the interesting, what actually makes people tick. Link

James Reichard

James built a small project called Tabitha to help learn guitar chords. The app has a fretboard that a user can click on to identify notes, and choose chords from a dropdown. “A fretboard sandbox” he calls it.

Ali Spittel @aspittel

Ali used a facial recognition library in JavaScript to recreate some SnapChat filters. Demo

Perry Fustero

An online modular synthesizer made with javascript, tone.js and css. Perry played a funky live beat for us. Demo

Otto Barnes @sio2boss

Otto showed how to find actual pictures of an actress or actor, by using Crowdflower to help label images.

Michelle Steigerwalt @Yuffster

Michelle built i17on, an intranationalization engine for documents which translate themselves for different audiences. Link

Stephen O’Connor

Meeseeks, attention grabbing desktop app. Solves the problem: how do you signal something on a screen when presenting remotely? github

Travis Hoppe @metasemantic

Girls, Interrupted: A computational study on the faces in the movies. Turns out (unsurprisingly) that Hollywood is super male-dominated, but now we have data. github

Seth Puckett @sethpuckett

Seth created a video game and taught a neural network to play it. Used a genetic algorithm approach. For better or worse, he can still beat his own AI!